Student Administration Research Degrees team


If you would like to speak to someone regarding the administrative processes concerning your Research Degree programme, please contact our Student Administration Research Degrees team for further help and guidance.


Alex Borrett - Senior Student Administration Manager (PGR and Non-standard programmes)

01784 44 3347 (x.3347)

Has oversight of:

  • PGR exams process
  • PGR tracking / student movements / upgrades
  • PGR scholarships (nominations and record maintenance)
  • Non-standard programmes


Laura Ventura Nieto - Student Administration Officer (PGR)

01784  44 3263 (x.3263)

Responsible for:

  • PGR upgrade and submission deadlines
  • PGR student movements (interruptions, deadline extensions, withdrawals, change of start date)
  • PGR studentships (nominations and record maintenance)
  • PGR billing queries
  • Doctoral School comms and microsite maintenance


Daniel Trigg  - Student Administration Assistant (PGR)

01784 41 4480 (x. 4480)

Responsible for:

  • The administration of the PhD exams process including:
    • PhD exam entry forms and PhD examiner invitations
    • Thesis submissions and dispatch to examiners
    • Viva outcomes
    • Processing award letters


Narrinder Berg - Student Administration Assistant (PGR and Non-standard programmes)

01784 27 6333 (x.6333)
Responsible for:
  • Upgrades
  • Masters by Research exam process
  • Payment of PGR examiners
  • Administrative support for non-standard programmes