Jun 16 2021

This year the conference was again virtual and so we started on the 10 June with 25 researchers presenting some excellent and engaging posters for the poster competition. Our winners were Grace Pocock (Psychology) who came 1st for the poster ‘Are educational apps truly educational?’; 2nd prize went to Raj Seraya Bhatoa (DClinPsy) for the poster ‘Functional neurological movements in children and young people: management with a novel psychological approach’; 3rd prize went to Tara O’Neill (BioScience) for the poster ‘Inside Out Crop Protection’ and honourable mention to Elle Pearson (ISG) for the poster ‘Deception detection technology’.  All posters and presentations were really fantastic and the judges commented on the amazing research that is being done across the disciplines.

On day 2 we welcomed Prof. Pat Thomson from the University of Nottingham whose workshop on Doctoral writing was well received and dispelled some of the myths of doctoral writing as well as the value of metacommentary.

Our Journal Editors Panel saw academics from across the College who are also Journal Editors within their disciplines and gave some invaluable advice to researchers who were dealing with issues such as what to do if you don’t hear back from the journal after submitting a paper? At what point is emailing for an update appropriate?

Finally we gathered together for the virtual social event where prize winners were announced and congratulated and we discussed what community events could be held in the future. Some great ideas were put forward including an informal get together to read papers or present posters and receive peer feedback; discuss issues with publishing; and reporting on CPD events that researchers may have attended and feel would be useful to disseminate as well as the idea of starting a Doctoral School LinkedIn profile which is a useful way of gathering and maintaining alumni relationships. To the best of our resource and ability we will endeavour to follow up with these ideas.