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College Industrial Match Funded Studentship Scheme 2022/23


Update: when this scheme was launched, an application deadline of 1 April 2022 was given.  This deadline has now been lifted so we can continue accepting applications up until the amount ring-fenced has been committed.


As part of the College’s commitment to attracting increased funding from external sources, the College Industrial Match Funding Studentship Scheme 2022/23 is being launched*. This is an opportunity for existing external links with companies to be used to develop new funding opportunities for postgraduate researchers and to strengthen industrial partnerships. 

  • £400,000 of College funding has been ring-fenced to match fund studentship income secured from industrial funders. This represents around 50% of the funds normally committed to match fund students from different sources.
  • Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.
  • Eligibility criteria:
    • The studentship must cover 4 years full time tuition fees and stipend (or part-time equivalent)
    • The external funder must provide funding for at least 50% of the studentship

* Please note that this excludes studentships where these are already approved through a previous institutional agreement, for example, for a UKRI Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) or CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training)

If you are requesting other co-funding which does not meet these eligiblity criteria, please refer to the generic PGR College Co-funding webpage.


Application process

  1. Lead academic contacts Peter Palasz in Research and Innovation ( so that the costings can be completed:
  2. Lead academic then completes the College Industrial Match Funded Studentship Scheme 2022/23 application form and submits to Alex Borrett (, Doctoral School Manager
  3. Costed applications will then be considered by the Dean of the Doctoral School (Ken Badcock) with the intention of a quick decision. He will take advice from the relevant School Director of PGR Education and the Director of Research as necessary.
  4. The Doctoral School will inform applicants of the decision and advise on the next steps.


Please note:

  • If the details of the co-funding arrangement change in the time between the form being approved and the studentship agreement being finalised, then a revised form should be submitted for approval.
  • If a student is not recruited, or the College co-funding is no longer required, it is important that you inform as soon as possible so that the funding can be released for another purpose.


Contact us

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact Alex Borrett.

Quick link

College Industrial Match Funded Studentship Scheme 2022/23 application form

PGR College co-funding application form - for those cases not eligible under this scheme