The Doctoral School - what does it mean for you?


Key Doctoral School academic staff:


Key Doctoral School services:


Runs the Researcher Development Programme

Supports the administration of School / department training

The Doctoral School currently supports Schools and departments with room bookings / registers of attendance etc.  We aim to conduct a review of all the training currently taking place across College so that we can produce a comprehensive schedule for 2020/21 and potentially open up training to students cross disciplines.

Runs the annual Royal Holloway Doctoral conference

This year's Royal Holloway Doctoral conference is scheduled for Thursday 11 June.  Further details to follow.

Supports the administration of School conferences / symposiums

The Doctoral School provides administrative support to academics / students organising the School conferences e.g. room booking / catering.

Runs social / feedback sessions for PGR students

We are very aware of the importance of creating opportunities for PGR students to meet together and to provide feedback so that the Doctoral School can work together with them to develop a more cohesive, vibrant PGR student community.  The next social / feedback session is to be scheduled end of March / early April.  Further details to follow.

Services the School PGR Student / Staff Committees

If you are not sure who your reps are on your School's PGR Student / Staff Committee, please contact

Responsible for communications to PGR students e.g. microsite, newsletter

The Doctoral School:

  • maintains the Doctoral School microsite with up to date news and events of interest to PGR students as well as details of the RDP progamme and relevant administrative process
  • sends all PGR students the 'Researcher Monthly' newsletter, which collates news, events and articles for PGR students from across the College and beyond
  • sends all PGR students a weekly email with any last-minute news / events
  • maintains the Twitter feed @RHULPGRTweets   
  • has set up the RH Doctoral Researcher Facebook page

Runs the Doctoral School helpdesk in Founder's South Tower 1-05

Creates the PGR student handbook

Administers the Annual Review process

Administers the Upgrade process

Administers the PGR submission and exam process

Maintains supervisory team details

You are asked to complete a 'Supervisor arrangement confirmation' form when you arrive at Royal Holloway.  If there are any subsequent changes to your supervisory team, please inform

Maintains PGR student records, including billing

For any queries regarding your record, contact

Provides advice on and administers the interruption / change of mode processes

Provides advice on and administers Suspension of Regulations requests

For any queries regarding a suspension of regulations request, contact

Advises on the PGR regulations and Code of Practice

For any queries regarding the regulations or Code of Practice, contact

Administers the studentship process

Administers the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership

The Doctoral School administers the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership, a consortium of 9 institutions across South East England.

If you are TECHNE funded, any of your expense claims should be submitted to

Collaborates with Professional Services across the College on PGR matters

The Doctoral School works closely with many areas of College to help provide a cohesive service to Royal Holloway PGR students e.g:



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Contact us

By email:

By phone: 01784 276886

In person:

Founder's South Tower S1-05