College card functions

Your College Card will act as your ID whilst you are a student at Royal Holloway. You will be asked to present your Card when you visit any of the administrative offices in the College including the Student Services Centre, Security etc. You will also need your College Card to gain entrance to examinations and to collect graduation tickets. There are numerous other occasions when you will be asked to show your ID, therefore we would strongly advise you keep it with you at all times.

Building access

Your College Card will give you swipe access to certain buildings out of hours e.g. 24-hour PC labs and to restricted facilities within your department (if applicable). If you are living in a Halls of Residence your card may also function as your room key.

Library access

All students at Royal Holloway are automatically registered with the library and use the Royal Holloway College Card as a library card. In order to use this you will need to know your PIN. This can be found by logging into the College Portal, Campus Connect, and clicking on the Library tab. For more information on being a member of the library, please click here.

Campus Account

Your College Card will give you access to your Campus Account (formerly known as RCS). When your account is in credit, you will be able to pay for your purchases in the many dining halls, cafes, bars and shops on campus with your College Card. Your Campus Account works in much the same way as your MAESTRO or VISA Delta account. If the account does not have a credit balance, you will be unable to make purchases with the card. Please click here for details of the catering outlets in which you can use your card.

Benefits of your Campus Account

As a student using your Campus Account, you will not be required to pay the VAT (currently 20%) on many of the food and beverage purchases you make in the Campus Services catering outlets. If you are resident in a 'catered-pay-as-you-go' hall you will receive a further subsidy on the food purchases you make in the designated dining halls (around 50%).

There is a 'Spend Eat Save' Loyalty Scheme attached to your account. With every purchase you make you will accrue bonus points, which can be redeemed throughout the year for cash back (credited to your Campus Account), equivalent to 1p for every pound that you spend. You will also receive an ‘overdraft’ of up to £2 until the third term of every academic year, when any debit balances must be repaid.

Using your Campus Account is a lot more secure than cash. Your College Card carries a photograph of you, which decreases the likelihood of it being used fraudulently.

Activating your Account

In order to access your account online for the first time, you will need your student number. This will be sent to you via email with your enrolment details. 

Go to UpayChilli and enter  the Affiliate / Company ID followed by the User ID or Card ID and set up the email to be used with the account. 

The company / affiliate ID for the College is ROYALHOLLOWAY.

Your User ID is the last six digits of your student number.

Crediting and managing your Campus Account

Once you have opened your account, the quickest and easiest way to top up is online (logon here) where you can also:

  • view your statement and current balance to keep track of your spending
  • set your designated credit or debit card to automatically top up your account when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit, so that you always have credit in your account
  • set an email reminder to be sent when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit

You can also manage your account via your mobile phone. For more details please click here.

The online and mobile phone top up service is free to use and allows you to avoid queues when you want to credit your account. There are also various customer service points around campus where you can credit your account during opening hours – though please note that these can get quite busy, particularly around meal times.

Replacing your College Card 

If you lose your card you should report this at one of the customer service points across campus so that an immediate stop can be put on your card. If you have lost your College Card a replacement can be ordered online.

If your existing card is damaged or has expired, please bring your card to theStudent Services Centre for a replacement.

Students’ Union membership

Your College card will now serve as your means of proof of membership when accessing the Students’ Union venues, activities and services. You will notice the new College cards issued from this point forwards also carry the Students’ Union logo. For those returning students with an existing College card, the card you already have will serve as your means of access to our venues at the Students’ Union main building and medicine.

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