Personal Safety

Moving away from home to a new community can cause worries and concerns about personal safety. In an ideal world we should, within reason, be able to go and do whatever we require. Unfortunately, in the 21st century this is not always the case and therefore you should make every effort to minimise the risk to yourself and others in your new community.

It is however, very important to remember that Surrey is one of the safest counties in England in which to live and work. There is a level of crime per head of population that is forty percent below the national average and Royal Holloway is ranked as the safest university area to live in.


We have a Campus Watch scheme in operation which encourages staff and students to look out for each other on campus and in the local community, reporting anything suspicious to security or Surrey Police.



Tips for keeping safe

  • Store these useful numbers in your mobile phone - College Security 01784 443063 and Surrey Police 101 (non-emergency) 
  • Try to avoid walking alone in the hours of darkness
  • Plan your journey and keep others informed of the time you normally arrive home or if you're delayed
  • Identify the safest route, especially during the hours of darkness. Use well lit, main routes even if it adds time to your journey
  • Make sure you use the footbridges to cross the A30 at all times.  Don't attempt to walk across it; it is a very busy road and there are areas where it is difficult to judge how busy the road is and whether vehicles are approaching.
  • Avoid short cuts along alleys, through parks and wasteland
  • Try and stay alert - avoid using headphones or talking on your phone as this could prevent you noticing something
  • When walking along the street, always keep to the pavement away from car doors and hedges. Walk on the side of the road facing traffic to allow you to see any approaching vehicle
  • Wear sensible clothing and keep long hair tied back
  • Carry a personal safety alarm - available free to all students from FW 148. Carry the alarm in a way that ensures it is easy to activate if you are feeling vulnerable
  • Don't hitch or accept lifts from strangers
  • If you live within a 3 mile radius from the College you can use the SSHH! bus to get home from campus on function nights.
  • Keep items of value out of sight as much as possible and don't carry around large amounts of cash; use a debit card where possible for larger transactions.  
  • If you travel by cab always sit behind the driver and only use licensed cabs - if in doubt don't get in!
  • Safety in numbers - where possible avoid walking home alone after dark
  • Free personal safety items available from Founder's West 170 including personal safety alarms and Alcotops - pop by and pick yours up

Room security

  • Always lock your door and secure your window by the door handle when you vacate your room, even if you are only away for a short time
  • If the contents of your room are visible, draw your curtains when you leave your room
  • Protect items of value by having them security marked
  • Where possible, secure laptop computers with a cable or in a security enclosure
  • Do not allow other people to enter a Hall who do not have their own swipe cards, such as by following you in or by wedging self-closing locking doors open 
  • Do not give your keys or access cards to anyone else
  • Report anything suspicious to college security
  • We encourage you not to carry around large quantities of cash nor have lots of cash within your rooms at any time.  
  • We advise students to have a UK bank account (or open a bank account here if you are an international student) from which to pay tuition or accommodation fees rather than cash wherever possible as this will allow to to manage your money safely.  

If you are threatened

  • If you have one, set off your personal alarm
  • Make as much noise as you can by shouting or screaming
  • Try to get away as quickly as possible, going to a place of safety, such as a shop, pub or friend's house
  • Having retreated to a place of safety, ring the police (101) or College Security (01784 443063). Do not set out again until you have made arrangements to get back home safely
  • If a vehicle is involved, try to identify the colour and make of the car and if possible, the registration number

Using public transport

  • Try to avoid waiting at isolated bus stops
  • When using a bus or coach sit as close as possible to the driver
  • When using the train or tube, try to avoid an empty compartment
  • Do not leave your property, such as a handbag, loose on your lap or the seat next to you
  • If you use a taxi, make sure it is a licensed one by checking the vehicle is displaying a local authority plate and that the driver is wearing a drivers badge with their name and a photograph on it.  If in doubt, do not get in the vehicle

If you think you are being followed

  • Cross over the road, if you are followed, cross back again
  • If you are still concerned go to the nearest public place, a shop, a pub or a house with lights on and call the police on 999
  • Do not use enclosed pay phones, in which you could be trapped
  • If someone tries to grab your possessions, do not resist. Try to get a good look at them, call the police, giving your location, the description and the direction the assailant went off in

When out alone at night

  • Always try to keep some cash on you in case you need to get a taxi
  • Keep the number of a reliable taxi company with you 
  • If you use a taxi, make sure it is a licensed one by checking the vehicle is displaying a local authority plate and that the driver is wearing a drivers badge with their name and a photograph on it. 
  • Always sit behind the driver
  • When the taxi arrives, always check it is the one you have booked and not an unlicensed cab or individual touting for business
  • If in doubt, do not get into a vehicle

Safe route maps

Egham - Map showing route from Campus to Egham Station

Englefield Green - Map showing suggested route from Campus through Highfield Road

Kingswood - Map showing suggested route from Campus to Kingswood Halls


Good street lighting on campus and around the local area helps to make travelling during the hours of darkness safer so it is important to report faults with street lighting if you notice them.

Lighting on Campus

Familiarise yourself with the well lit routes throughout the campus - these have been highlighted within the special notice maps which can be found on College notice boards and are available as flyers from the Security control office in Founder's East 

Well lit routes on campus are also covered by CCTV cameras and are patrolled regularly by College Security Officers.

To report a fault with lighting on campus please send an email, with as many details as possible to

Street lighting in Egham & Englefield Green

Stick to well lit, main routes when walking around the local area and avoid taking short cuts especially after dark. Surrey Police have produced maps of Egham & Englefield Green displaying safer routes to travel on foot.

If you notice a fault with a street light in the local area you can report it to Surrey County Council by filling out an online reporting form.

Campus back gate access

The campus gate which exits onto the Spring Rise / Lynwood Avenue junction is available to use each day at the following times.  Once the gate has been closed, please ensure you use the SSHH! bus home or if walking use the path along Egham Hill.

If you do use this gate to walk to Egham please respect our neighbours in the local area by walking quietly and by keeping to the pavements.

Opening times

Monday - Friday:  06:45

Saturday - Sunday: 08:00

Closing times

Sunday - Thursday: 23:15

Friday - Saturday: 00:45

Please also note it is considered a breach of College Regulations to attempt to access or egress from the campus via this area once the gate has been closed.

Stay Safe, Stay Well eventt

Next event: October 2016.

Each year Community, Wellbeing & Student Outreach, College Security, and the Students' Union hold a Stay Safe, Stay Well event.  Previous events have been a great success and we hope to improve further each year.  

What is on offer?

  • Representatives from College Security, Support & Advisory Services, and the SU Advice & Support Centre, are on hand to offer tips and advice on staying safe.
  • Surrey Police Runnymede Neighbourhood teams provide crime prevention advice, cycle and property marking services and show you how to immobilise your phone should it be stolen.
  • Advice from TfL on safer journeys at night.
  • Promotion of the SSHH! bus service run by the SU and financially supported by Support & Advisory Services.
  • Test yourself with our beer goggles and drug impairment glasses.
  • Surrey Fire & Rescue offer advice on fire safety in homes and halls.
  • Freebies! We give away personal safety alarms, alcotops, SSHH! bus tickets, and have a variety of useful leaflets with excellent advice.




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College Security

01784 443063


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