Voting and elections

Voting in elections is your chance to hold our leaders to account.  Some of our alumni, such as Emily Wilding Davison, gave their lives fighting to gain the right to vote.  Use yours.

Ballot paper

Can I vote?

If you're over 18 and a British, Irish or Commonwealth Citizen, you're eligible to vote in General Elections, local elections and European elections.

If you're a European citizen, you can vote in local elections and European elections.

If you're a citizen of another country outside the Europe Union or the Commonwealth of Nations, you're not allowed to vote in elections in the UK. 

You need to register to be able to vote.  You can do this quickly online.

When's the next election?

Thursday 7 May 2015 is a General Election and a local election here in Runnymede.  The deadline to register to vote in this election is Monday 20 April 2015.

Where can I vote?

You can vote either at a polling station or by post.  You'll receive a polling card in the post telling you how and where to vote.

Most students living on campus will be part of the Englefield Green East ward, and will be able to vote in the Arts Building polling station on campus.  You can find out where your local polling station is on the Runnymede County Council website.

Who can I vote for?

The current MP for Runnymede and Weybridge is Philip Hammond.

The candidates in the next General Election are:

  • Joe Branco, UKIP
  • Philip Hammond, Conservative
  • Rustam Majainah, Green
  • Arran Neathey, Labour
  • John Vincent, Liberal Democrat

Runnymede Borough Council has more information about who is standing for local council elections.

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