What to expect this September

There's a few things changing around campus between now and September.  Find out what's happening by reading our handy guide!

It's time to enrol (again!)

Paint roller

En-roll-ment.  Get it?  I'm here all week.

You might not know that students need to enrol at Royal Holloway every year, not just when you start on your course.  It’s the only way we know that you’re still here and that your details haven’t changed.  Make sure you log on to Campus Connect in September and complete your enrolment. 


…which means agreeing to College rules and regulations

Burning plug socket

Fire safety is no joke.

Did you know you’re not allowed to bring fireworks on campus?  Or use barbecues?  And that messing around with fire safety equipment could get you thrown out of the College?

When you enrol every year you have to agree to Royal Holloway’s rules and regulations, which are collected together in our online student handbook.  Most are common sense and are there to keep everyone safe, but they also cover things like how much time you can spend working during term-time and what you need to tell the College if you’re ill.  Make sure you read the rules when you sign up so you know what’s what.


The College is doing a spot of building work

Builder at work

Just a little building work.  This guy, a couple of planks, and £150 million worth of other stuff. 

We’re building a new Library and Student Services Centre next to the Windsor Building.  It’s going to be amazing, but while it’s being built, there will be extra noise, people and traffic on campus.  We’re working with the builders to keep noise down and manage the disruption as much as we can, and you’ll be hearing from us regularly about what we’re doing to manage any issues, as well as how you can be part of the building project itself.

We’re also planning to build new student residences on the the North Campus during 2015 and into 2016. Again, we’re working with our builders to try and make sure noise and extra traffic causes as little disruption as possible.


The Store on Campus is moving down the road

Woman using oven

‘Ready meal to full power! Engage!’ 

Or down the path, technically speaking, as it will have moved from next to the Windsor Building to next to the Hub.  The new Library is going to have a lovely new shop inside it when it’s finished, but until it is, we’ve moved the Store on Campus so the builders can get to work.   


We're closing some car parks

Man dancing in car park

He calls it the Car Park Shuffle.

Car Park 2 (the one behind the Arts Building and Bedford Library) is closing in July.  We’re building the new Library in this space so you won’t be able to park there  any more.

Car Park 14 (the one next to Wetton’s Terrace in north campus) closed at Easter for refurbishment.  It will reopen in the autumn with more spaces, a new (and much improved) road surface and better lighting. And, there’ll be more parking spaces than before. 


Drive to campus?  You need a permit

Man driving car

You can run, but you can't drive.

If you’re eligible for a permit (usually if you live more than 1.5 miles from campus) and you think you’ll need one, make sure you apply for it – parking permits need to be renewed each and every year.  Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have been around for a while and haven't previously been issuing penalty charges, but this will change from 1 September 2015.  If you park without a permit after 1 September, the cameras will know and you’ll soon enjoy opening a letter with a £60 penalty charge in it.  Don't get caught out!

You can find out more information about parking on our parking webpages


The Boilerhouse is getting new teaching spaces

Boilerhouse exterior

More lectures, teaching and culture than boilers these days. But the ‘Teachinghouse’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Boilerhouse makeover continues this summer as the Tank Room, formerly home to some huge water tanks and an incredible damp problem, is transformed into a comfy new teaching space, ready for the  autumn term.  

We’re also planning to develop the Boilerhouse even more with a brand new café around the courtyard. It will be a great place to hang out – look out for more news about plans in this autumn Term.

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