Undergraduate Tuition fee loan applied for - do I still have to pay fees?

Undergraduate Tuition fee loan applied for - do I still have to pay fees?

When a Student Loan application has been processed and the level of support available assessed, Student Finance England (SFE) sends the College an electronic file containing all the relevant information. This includes course, study year, tuition fee, fee loan approved and fee grant allocated (pre 2006 fee regulations). The College can only commence fee billing when this data is received and transferred into our database; without it we cannot know the split of loan, personal fee contribution and/or any personal fee grant if applicable.

When we will receive an individual's fee information depends upon a number of factors including the turnaround time at Student Finance and the timing of the student's original application.

Once a student receives the Student Finance Entitlement Letter they must return the signed Declaration Form immediately. The College will not receive any information regarding the loan until this has been done.

Whilst we do start to receive data in the weeks before the start of the new academic year it is quite possible that we will not be in a position to invoice a number of Undergraduate fees until immediately before enrolment week (and often later). Where, within the Royal Holloway online sign up pages, and the Money page of Campus Connect, a fee is shown as £0.00 this is because data is still awaited from SFE. In this case a student can:- 

  • Revisit the online Start of Session Checklist (Campus Connect) at a later date to check that the data has been received and the fee billed.
  • Review the Tuition Fee Invoice section of the Money page in Campus Connect.
  • Pay, if they know they have a personal fee liability, either the full amount or the appropriate amount to enrol.
If there is no fee billing, but a full Tuition Fee Loan is expected and you hold a Student Finance Entitlement Letter confirming this,  you should bring a copy of this to enrolment. No other fee action is necessary in this case.
If you still have a question regarding student loans and payment of fees please contact us

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