Tuition fee loan. How do I apply?

Tuition fee loan. How do I apply?

Loans for tuition fees are provided by the Government and enables both new and continuing undergraduates to defer payment of  their tuition fees at the start of the course, or while they are studying. Tuition fee loans are non means-tested and are available to UK and EU undergraduate students - up to the amount charged by the university for their course. Partial loans are possible. If not taking a loan for your full tuition fee, a student must arrange to pay their contribution (or the first instalment) at ,or before, enrolment.

Terms and conditions are applied by Student Finance England (SFE) to periods of repeat study and may not offer funding for students who have undertaken previous study at a different university or on a different course. It is important that students affected contact SFE to establish their eligibility before they complete their enrolment with the university. The maximum length of tuition loan funding equals the length of course + 1 year.

The tuition fee loan is provided by the Student Loans Company (SLC) but is separate, and should be distinguished from, the basic Student Loan for living costs (maintenance) which is also applied for through Student Finance England (SFE). Tuition fees are paid directly to the university and maintenance loans and grants directly to the student. Once the fee loan is approved and the student declaration form returned, SFE will inform the university electronically that they will be settling the fees (up to the level of the loan) on behalf of the student.

Useful link: Government Student Finance website.

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