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Click on the drop-down menu for the question that most applies to your situation. If none of these questions apply, contact the Student Finance and Funding Office either by telephone or email, which is on the right hand side of this page.

What funding is avaliable for Postgraduates?

Unfortunately there are no mandatory awards for postgraduate study, and alternative funding sources are limited. You need to have a main source of funding to cover your tuition fees and living costs for the whole period of your course. Funding could come from your family, savings, sponsorship, a bank loan/Professional and Career Development Loan or an external source. We are able to help you to look for external funding from charities/organisations who offer funding to students.

It is important that you do not start your course without having first identified a proper package of support to cover both your tuition fees and living costs for the whole period of your course.

I think I am entitled to a Bursary - How do I apply for this?

If you have seen or read about an award that you are interested in, the information will state whether there is an application to complete or if the award is "automatic" - This means we go by the information we get from Student Finance England/ UCAS and the award will be paid directly into your bank account providing you fit the award criteria. (also please make sure your bank details are correct and/or on Campus Connect.

If you think you are entitled but have not received the bursary/scholarship then it is likely that you have not ticked the ‘consent to share information’ box on your student loan form. You will need to phone Student Finance England and give them consent to share your financial information with the University, once this has happened the bursary can be paid. Please also check that your bank account details are correct on Campus Connect to ensure the payment goes through.

For some bursaries/scholarships there are application forms that need to be completed and submitted by certain deadlines. For more information on Royal Holloway Bursaries and Scholarships please click here.

Do Royal Holloway students get the London rate of loan?

Yes, as Royal Holloway is part of the University of London, students are entitled to the London rate of Student Loan.

My Student Loan is late and I do not have any money - what can I do?

Please make an appointment to see the Student Funding Adviser who will be able to help you chase up your loan with Student Finance England and arrange a possible short term loan until your Student Loan comes through. For more information on the Short Term Loan please click here.

Change of financial circumstances - can I re-apply for a higher loan?

If your financial situation changes by at least 15% during the academic year you can apply to be re-assessed by Student Finance England and may be entitled to a higher loan. You will need to provide proof of this change to Student Finance England who then re-assess you based on this.

You will need to log back into your student loan application - 

Am I entitled to any benefits as a student?

The vast majority of full time students are not entitled to claim social security benefits. However, you might be eligible for tax credits if you are a parent, or disabled and working at least 16 hours a week, or over 25 and working for 30 hours a week. Your entitlement depends on your income over the year, but there is no savings limit. Unlike most other benefits, student loans are not counted as income for the tax credit calculation. For more information please click here.

I'm having trouble with budgeting. Can you help?

Yes we have an excellent monthly budget planner for you to use and we are available for appointments throughout the year for any sort of financial/ budgeting advice. For useful websites that may be able to help please visit the useful links page.

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