Living Costs

Living costs

It's difficult to give an exact figure for likely living costs during your degree as it really comes down to your individual needs and lifestyle. We estimate you should think in terms of a range from £6,910 - £12,600 for a single person on campus, per academic year, to cover accommodation, food, personal expenses, study-related costs and some limited travelling.

International students also need to ensure that they have enough funds to cover their tuition and living costs for the duration of their course before they apply for a Visa. If you cannot provide an official letter from a sponsor stating that they will cover all of your fees and living costs for the duration of your course, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to be able cover the cost of your course. For more information please visit the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs Visa application web pages.

Take a look at our chart to get an idea of where your money will go.


Living Costs 2017-18

The following is a rough estimate of the basic living costs you can expect to spend each academic week. (not including academic holidays).  

Accommodation - Campus

(based on 38 weeks contract)

£3,000 - £6,400 per year

Food & Household

£40 - £60 per week


£5 - £40 per week

(depending on where you live)   

Books & Equipment

£300 - £500 per year

Entertainment/Social, Clothing, Personal Items  

£50 per week

(roughly and depending on the individual)   


£6,910 - £12,600

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