Completion Session: What is a Passport Award Completion Session?

Completion Session: What is a Passport Award Completion Session?

The Passport Award Completion Session ties the award together. As a group we explore the labour market and why your skills are valued by employers. Students then draw on their experience gained through collecting points and we discuss how this is relevant to your CV, application forms and in an interview situation. Student feedback has been very positive with many students commenting that they hadn’t realised the extent and relevance of the skills they had developed through collecting points. You will be sent an email inviting you to attend a Completion Session once you've earned 80 activity points. 

You must attend a Completion Session in order to qualify for the award.  Ensure you attend one whilst you are registered at the College as we cannot invite you to complete once you have graduated.  Completion Sessions are run throughout the academic year, normally commencing in November.  They are the only compulsory part of the Passport Award.

At the end of your Completion Session, you will receive your standard Passport Award Certificate and pin badge. 

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