We understand that it can be hard to balance study with the full time care of young children.

The College has an arrangement with an adjacent nursery, whereby Royal Holloway students are given priority on places available. The independently-run facility is located close to the main campus and caters for babies to 5-year-olds.HollowayHeroGeneric

If you have concerns regarding the financial issues relating to childcare, the Student Financial and Funding Office should be able to assist you.

Further details about childcare provision in the local area can be found at the Surrey County Council website.

Mature Students

University is  not just for school-leavers because every year, thousands of mature students who have spent a number of years outside of education, choose to develop their lives and careers by going into Higher Education.

Royal Holloway has a  long tradition of welcoming mature students and recognises that the experiences and expectations mature students have can differ to those who have gone to university straight from school.

A mature student is  officially anyone over the age of 21 and while there is no such thing as a typical mature student, they often share the same experiences and concerns. 

Balancing work and family commitments

You may have  commitments to work and family that a younger student may not and will have to balance these with your studies. 

We recognise that having time to study and financial concerns are important issues for our mature students so if you need advice or support you can contact

You may also be clearer on your motivation for going to university having spent time in the workplace or raising a family. There are many reasons why mature students choose to go to university, such as  career progression, to satisfy a lifelong ambition or through a  sense of unfinished business. 

Some of you may never have thought about going to university before refreshing or learning new skills on, for example, an Access to Higher Education course.

Many of you will not follow traditional routes into Higher Education. If you don\'t possess the normal entry requirements for undergraduate courses or you've been away from education for a long time, you may have to take an  Access to Higher Education course before starting your studies here.

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