Procrastination Workshop

(Are you putting things off?)

Procrastination means putting off until tomorrow something that would benefit you to do today.  Students often procrastinate about: attending a lecture or tutorial, working on an assignment, revising for an exam, negotiating with college staff, dealing with health issues, dealing with financial or accommodation issues, deciding what to do after university.

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate students to overcome procrastination by gaining understanding of the process of procrastination, and identifying how they block themselves from completing tasks.  Students will learn strategies which enable them to be motivated and active in completing tasks.

  • Do you put off writing an essay until the last minute?
  • Do you feel guilty if you are not active all the time?
  • Do you crave diversion and have difficulty starting things?
  • When you finish something, do you wonder why it took so long?
Then this workshop is for you.
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In person: Counselling Office in Founders West 171 anytime Monday to Friday between 9am to 12:00 and 1pm to 4pm

Phone: 01784 443128