Welfare feedback

Feedback from students is very important to us; please do let us know what you think of our services - good or bad.  

How to let us know what you think: 

Support & Advisory Services (Welfare & Wellbeing)

  • 93% student satisfaction.
  • "All the support services are very helpful."
  • "I have used the Support & Advisory Services during my time at Royal Holloway, and they have always been helpful.  They were there when I needed them and always maintained an efficient service.  Don't be afraid to pop in if you have a problem - it'll be worth your while."
  • "I have always found the support services....to be very good at RHUL."
  • "The support services....are great."

Chaplaincy & Faith Support

  • 94.8% student satisfaction.
  • "Good effort in considering significance of every religion."
  • "Chaplaincy do a fantastic job."
  • "Royal Holloway College....a pioneer of women's university education, with particular strengths today in the creative arts and in interfaith relationships and chaplaincy." - Bishop of Guildford in the House of Lords (2010).

Community, Wellbeing & Student Outreach (including Personal Safety)

  • 93.4% student satisfaction for student safety.
  • "My private accommodation has provided several problems, however these have been handled....thanks to university guidance."
  • "It is great to know about all you and your office are doing to foster good partnership relations for residents in the Egham area....thanks for your very professional response."
  • RHUL effort in this direction is much valued and has made a good difference."
  • "Thank you for your kindness.  I cannot express how grateful I am for the time you spent solving the issue.  It was comforting to know you and the university were here for us."
  • "It's incredibly reassuring to know that there are services like yours available to me when I am so far away from home."

Disability & Dyslexia Services (Educational Support Office)

  • 91.9% student satisfaction.
  • "....the disability support service is very good and helped me as much as expected at RHUL."
  • "ESO have been very helpful in assisting with my application for Disabled Students Allowance."
  • "Friendly emails each month by the ESO inviting me to take part in various job placements and other opportunities."
  • "I appreciate your help a lot and wish everyone was lucky enough to meet such dedicated people as the ESO team, when needed."

Financial Welfare & Funding Advice 

  • "I met a lady for support regarding my debts and she was very helpful towards me."
  • "Thank you very much for the loan service.  I can literally say, it saved my life and my study.  Communication is perfect.  Cheers!"
  • "The service I received could not be matched elsewhere on campus for efficiency and a genuine urge to help.  Thank you."
  • "The help that I got was invaluable and really helped me get through my final year....would have really struggled if it weren't for the financial help and support you were able to provide me with."
  • "The team was very helpful and looked in to the issues on an individual case basis."

Health Centre Provision

  • 81.2% student satisfaction.
  • "Health Centre staff are very friendly, helpful, and the system runs very smoothly."
  • "You are amazing, thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the last 3 years.  I wouldn't have got through it without you.  Thank you so much."

International Student Support

  • 96.6% student satisfaction.
  • "There is a very large international student community which is nice and I really like the accessibility to London."
  • "The ISSO are great, very professional with lots of care when I approached them."
  • The help I have received from the ISSO....has been wonderful, friendly and always efficient."
  • "Denise, Sue & Liesl....were phenomenal.  Like three loving mothers waiting for my arrival!"

Student Counselling 

  • 87% student satisfaction.
  • "The counselling service saved my life."
  • "Counselling service has been brilliant, really useful." 
  • "The counselling services were vital for me to get through my Masters and kept me focussed."
  • "....a highly organised, efficient and professional service.  This is no doubt a valuable resource to the University's student community and one of which it should be proud."
  • "Workshop handouts were very helpful."
  • "Really helped, gave me lots of tips and techniques."

Recognition for our services and team

Students' Union Honorary Lifetime Membership

  • Denise Keable (2008)
  • Christopher Butler (2010)
  • Helen Groenendaal (2012)
  • Alexandra Stanton (2013)

    External recognition

    • Chaplaincy & faith support: Commended by the Bishop of Guildford in the House of Lords (2010)
    • Community, wellbeing & student outreach: Surrey Police command commendation for Senior Student Wellbeing Officer (2010)
    • Student counselling: BACP commendation for accredited application (2011) 
    • Residential support: CUBO nomination for 'Innovation Award for excellence in student experience' (2012)
    • Royal Holloway were shortlisted for 'Most Improved Student Experience' at the THE Awards (2013) 

    The Royal Holloway experience  - what our students say: 

    • "There is a very friendly and helpful community on campus."
    • "It is a small but friendly university community and I have had very positive experiences here."
    • "The staff are very supportive and if I have a problem or query I know there are many people I can ask advice from."
    • "It's a beautiful university in a great setting with fantastic staff.  Great atmosphere and wonderful people."
    • "Unlike other universities, it makes sure students don't fall behind in work, and I think it gets the best out of students in terms of their potential, if you put the work in."
    • "Royal Holloway is the most welcoming and wonderful place."
    • "The surroundings are beautiful and it is a really pleasant place to live."
    • "As a campus university, the student community is extremely tight-knit, which is evident in the friendly and welcoming nature of the students and staff here."
    • Student satisfaction scores relate to the Autumn 2014 Student Barometer where relevant.  
    • Comments are both from survey results and direct sub-section feedback.    


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