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Important Examination Information


Instructions to Candidates
Candidate Numbers
Course Registrations
Exam Access Arrangements
Statement of Results
Exams Timetable

Instructions to Candidate

Make sure that you read the new ‘Instructions to Candidates’. These are also available to download from the Exams, Assessments and Results website. This document contains important guidance on what you need to do at various stages in the assessment process, so it is essential that you read these instructions even if you aren’t taking any exams.

Candidate Numbers

Candidate Numbers for the 2017/18 academic year are now available to view on Campus Connect. Your Candidate Number is extremely important as it allows us to mark your work anonymously. You must use your Candidate Number for official written examinations and assessed coursework.

To view your Candidate Number, you’ll need to log into Campus Connect with your username and password, then:

  • click on the ‘My Studies’ tab and go to the ‘My Exam Info’ section
  • click on the word ‘here’ and your number will appear in a pop-up window.

To ensure anonymity, it is important that you don’t put your Candidate Number on any work where your name is also listed and you mustn’t give the number to anybody else – including members of staff.

My Candidate Number is not available…
If you’re not yet enrolled, you’ll not have been assigned a Candidate Number.
Candidate Numbers are assigned weekly so you will be assigned a candidate number on the Monday after you complete your enrolment. 

Course Registrations

In registering for your courses you’re also registering for the assessments and examinations associated with those courses. You must ensure that you’ve been registered for the correct courses, including any courses that you’re retaking as a first sit, resitting or repeating.

If you don’t register for a course, you’ll not be entered for the examination or assessment. Equally, if you’re registered on the wrong course(s), you’ll be entered for the assessment and you’ll eventually be graded as failing the course.
To check your course registrations you’ll need to log into Campus Connect, then:

  • click on the ‘My Studies’ tab and go to the ‘My Study Information’ section
  • click on the  ‘Active Registrations’ section.

Please note that Moodle is not a reliable way of checking your course registrations as this may not contain a complete list of your courses!
The deadline for students to make changes to Autumn Term and Full-Year Course Registrations is Friday 13 October 2017. If you find any errors you must contact the Administrators in your Department(s) immediately so that the registrations can be corrected. 

Exam Access Arrangements

Exam Access Arrangements may be approved for students who are unable to sit exams under normal examination conditions as a result of a disability or other condition. If you think you may require access arrangements for your examinations, please get in touch with the Disability and Dyslexia Services as soon as possible to register. Applications should be submitted by Friday 19 January 2018, applications received after this date won’t be guaranteed. 

Statement of Results-interim Transcript

From the end of Spring term you’ll no longer be able to view your statement of results for previous academic years through Campus Connect, you’ll have access to this again when your results for the 2017/18 academic year have been officially released. 

Don’t panic, if you need access to your prior year results after the end of this term, you can request an Interim Transcript online from the Student Services Centre. Requests for this document will be processed within two to five workings days and can be made available for collection from the Student Services Centre or posted out to you.  

Exams Timetable



You must bring your College Card with you to every exam you attend as proof of your identity.  The photo on your College Card must be clear. If the photo has been rubbed away you must also bring additional official photo ID (passport, UK drivers license or EU identity card) as well as your College Card.

If sufficient proof of your identity is not provided, you will be asked to complete an identity check during the examination. The Invigilator may refuse you entry to the examination if they have reason to doubt your identity and/or perform further checks to establish your identity. 

If your College Card has been lost, or is damaged, a replacement can be obtained from the Student Services Centre in the Windsor Building. 

Have the Correct Calculator

Please note that only the calculator authorised by the Department can be taken into an Exam. These were issued to you at the beginning of your studies at Royal Holloway. Any unauthorised calculators will be confiscated.

If you have lost your calculator you will need to purchase a new one. These are available in the College Store, most high street stationary shops and supermakets.

Any replacement calculators should be taken to the Economics Admin office in H209 for a sticker to confirm acceptance. 

Please note the Department does not have any spare calculators to lend out!


Unauthorised Material

Please remember that you are only allowed to take the following items to your desk in an Exam:

Your College Card

Your Candidate Number on a small piece of paper with no other writing

A soft drink in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed

A small quantity of sweets

Stationery, including pencils, pens, erasers, a ruler and any other writing or drawing implements you may need, carried as loose items or in a transparent plastic bag  

A calculator, where permitted by the examination

All mobile phones and other personal items must be left at the side of the Exam room or in a plastic bag underneath the desk.

If you are found with any unauthorised items on your person or at your desk at any point during the examination, or you refuse to hand over any item when directed to do so by an Invigilator or a member of staff, then it will be treated as an assessment offence

Non Attendance at Exams & Extenuating Circumstances

If you are unable to attend an Examination due to illness or any other extenuating circumstance, you should, where possible, e-mail student-enquiries@rhul.ac.uk  before the scheduled start of the Exam with your Name, Student ID and confirmation of the Exam you are unable to attend and why. 

Notification will be forwarded to your Department(s) so they are aware of your non-attendance but please note, this notification will not constitute formal submission of extenuating circumstances and you must also notify the Chair of the Sub-board(s) in your department(s)/school(s), in writing, of the extenuating circumstances and provide appropriate evidence for consideration by the Sub-board.

Similarly if you are taken ill or there are other extenuating circumstances that you believe have adversely affected your performance at any point during the academic year it is your responsibility to notify the Chair of the Sub-board(s) in your department(s)/school(s), in writing, of such extenuating circumstances and provide appropriate evidence.   

The Sub-board of Examiners will review all evidence of extenuating circumstances submitted by the advertised deadlines; however, it is at the Sub-board’s discretion whether to take any circumstances into account.

For further information you should read the Instructions to Candidates which details the submission and consideration of extenuating circumstances, including the key deadlines.

Lost Property

Lost property left in Examination Venues can be collected from the Student Services Centre in the Windsor Building. Please note any lost property not collected by the end of Term will be disposed of.

If anything is unclear or you have any further question regarding your examinations please do not hesitate to contact us at student-enquiries@rhul.ac.uk

Ramadhan Policy

Click here for further information on the College's Ramadhan Policy.



Additional information on all aspects of assessments, examinations and results is also available on the Exams, Assessments and Results website.

If you have any further questions, please do go and see  the Student Services Centre in the Davison Building, call us on +44 (0)1784 276641 or email them

If you have any other concerns then please come and see the Economics Admin Team in H209. 



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