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The members of the Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities are involved in a whole series of projects under the centre’s five key themes; Environmental GeoHumanities; Spatial GeoHumanities; Creative GeoHumanities; Digital GeoHumanities and Public GeoHumanities. These projects often see scholars and practitioners engaging with a range of partners across the cultural, creative and heritage sectors around the world. 

The Mobile Museum: Biocultural Collections


This AHRC research project explores the mobility of biocultural collections, taking as its focus the Economic Botany collection at Kew.

An interdisciplinary study of travel writing and publishing from the late Enlightenment to the mid- 19th century. Co-author Innes Keighren was a member of the AHRC project team that developed the research leading to the book.

Collecting Natural Selection

Mt Tarn and Port Famine

Funded by the British Academy Janet Owen is exploring the collecting journeys of Alfred Russel Wallace in New Guinea (1858) and Charles Darwin in Tierra del Fuego (1833-34)

Maps and the Italian Grand Tour

ImgaeforBrownNolli Piranesi 1748 La topografia di Roma

Working with the British Library Jeremy Brown's AHRC funded PhD explores the diverse roles of maps for sixteenth- to early nineteenth-century British travellers to Italy.

Maps and Memes

Maps and memes

Gwilym Eades offers a critical introduction to cartography and counter-mapping in Candian indigenous contexts.

Joseph Conrad: Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism


The inital focus of Robert Hampson's British Academy project is a critical exploration of Joseph Conrad’s work in relation to cosmopolitanism, transnationalism and transnational activism.

Drawing Out Space


 The Fashioning Diaspora Space project investigated the presence of South Asian clothing textiles in British culture in both colonial (1850s to 1880s) and post-colonial (1980s to 2000s) times.

Making Suburban Faith


This project in collaboration with geographers UCL examines the creative practices and identities of suburban religious communities, and includes participatory work with school students, faith communities, and leading artists and creative practitioners in architecture (Mangera Yvars), photography and material culture.

Suburban Sound and Spirituality


Natalie Hyacinth's PhD research focuses upon the relationship between sound and spirituality in three suburban faith communities in Ealing, West London

Amateur Dramatics in Urban Utopias


As part of the AHRC funded project "Amatuer Dramatics: Craftng Communities in time and space" Cara Gray's PhD investigates the social and cultural significance of amateur dramatics (both historical and contemporary) as a creative practice in Letchworth Garden City.


Methodologies of Socially Engaged Art


This  AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellowship led by Danny McNally (with Peckham Platform) adopts a cultural geography approach to investigate the diversity of processes involved in socially engaged arts practice.

Disaster Playground

Disaster Playground poster 16-9 screen_graphics by The Machine

This feature film directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun follows the scientists who lead in the monitoring and deflection of hazardous Near Earth Objects and the real- life procedures in place in the event of an asteroid collision with the Earth. The original soundtrack features music by The Prodigy and the film has been screened around the world, including at the V & A, the BFI and SXSW film festival.

The International Space Orchestra


Convened by Nelly Ben Hayoun The International Space Orchestra is the world's first orchestra composed of Space Scientists from NASA Ames Research Center and the SETI Institute. They reenact the complexities of space exploration through various musical and experiential events.

Living Outside Society


Ben Murphy's practice-based PhD focuses on a photographic survey of multinational neo-nomadic migrant counter-cultural identity through place and space. His core case study is from South East Spain.

Gardens Speak


Gardens Speak is an interactive sound installation presented as the practical project componant of Tania El Khoury's AHRC funded PhD.

Knowing the Underground


Flora Parrott is a Leverhulme funded artist in residence and an AHRC TECHNE PhD student conducting a practice based exploration of the place of embodied engagement with underground spaces in the making of geographical knowledge.

What does it mean to say the British forest is always in quotation marks?


Coinciding with the anniversary of the Charter of the Forest, Amy Cutler's Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship brings attention back to the definitional acts of British forests and woodlands.

Landscape, Nature and the Sacred in Byzantium


This new book by Veronica Della Dora explores Byzantine perceptions of creation and the principles underpinning such perceptions.

Creating Earth Futures


Harriet Hawkins' AHRC Leadership Fellowship explores GeoHumanities approaches to Global Environmental Change and the possibilities these hold for creating alternative Earth Futures.

Climate and Creativity: Creating Collective Responses


This resarch develops creative practices which cultivate community engagement with environmental change as part of Miriam Burke's ESRC funded practice-based PhD.



Air, by Peter Adey combines cultural and scientific history with a philosophical account, to explore our attempts to understand, engineer, make sense of, and find meaning in Air. Combining established figures such as Joseph Priestley, John Scott Haldane, and Marie Curie with unlikely individuals from painting, literature, and poetry, this richly illustrated book unlocks new perspectives into the science and culture of this pervasive but unnoticed substance.

Mountain: Nature and Culture


 The book by Veronica Della Dora is a visual and cultural history of mountains. It shows how mountains are ultimately collaborations between geology and the human imagination, and how they have helped shape our environmental consciousness and our place in the world.

Hidden Histories of Exploration

hidden histories    

Hidden Histories of Exploration: A Research Exhibition was developed by Felix Driver and Lowri Jones in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society.

Arts for urban change


Focusing on participatory art, the project examines ways to integrate artistic practices into urban development.

The Mantle of the Earth


This project explores shifting perceptions of space from Classical Antiquity to the present by way of the mantle of the earth metaphor.





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