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Cropping an Image - How do I crop an image?

Cropping an Image - How do I crop an image?

Cropping in the Image Editor couldn't be easier; all you need to do is click the start and finish point of the crop.

If you want a precise pixel size then you can simply adjust the size using the crop options as appropriate.

If you hold the Shift key down whilst cropping it will keep the crop in a square; another useful feature when you need a square image without any hassle.

If you are using the Image Editor, because you have dragged an image into a pre-sized placeholder, then the crop will only go to the maximum dimensions of the placeholder so you can't insert an image that's too big for the placeholder.

The idea is to keep it simple for the end user. If we have a precise 100x104 pixel box to fit an image into on the homepage users can insert it in seconds even if the original image was a completely different dimension.

You can crop images to create new image versions using the Image Editor tools:

  • select the image in the Project Explorer.
  • click on Create Variation from the menu
  • the Image Editor screen opens
  • click on the picture
  • a black cross (crop icon) appears
  • drag the crop icon across the picture to select the portion of image that is required 



  • manually enter the pixel dimensions.


Saving the cropped image

Typically, images will be saved as JPEGs with 80 per cent quality, but if you choose you can save as a GIF or PNG too. The quality of JPEGs can be modified by adjusting the value in the textbox. When editing PNGs the transparency is maintained.

  • select a file type to save the image 


  • click on the Save button


  • at any point you can preview changes in the image editor by simply hitting the Preview option
  • type in the new Image Name.

When you edit images in Contensis you are never editing the original - this is always left as-is and sub-versions are created.

Size versions are identical to the original except a different size has been created. 

Altered versions have had cropping and effects applied.

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