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Hyperlink to other Contensis web pages - How do I add a hyperlink?

Hyperlink to other Contensis web pages - How do I add a hyperlink?

To add a hyperlink to other CMS content that is listed in the Navigator (left-hand column displaying folders and web pages): 

  • select the text or image in the page that you would like to add the hyperlink to
  • click on the Hyperlink manager icon on the Editor toolbar hyperlinkIcon2
  • select CMS Content from the Select Content Type drop down menu


  • select Browse from the Content Type


  • locate the folder where the page is situated


  • in the Title field add meaningful and descriptive text


  • click on the Save button.


The linked CMS Page will still retain its link even when moved to a different folder or if it is renamed.

Deleting or archiving (the latter being preferable) the CMS page will also remove any corresponding links but the actual text must be removed manually. A warning will be displayed before deleting/archiving a page that the links need to be updated. You can also check the dependencies of a page (to see which pages contain hyperlinks to the page you want to archive) before archiving it to prevent broken links.

Drag and drop method

You can also drag and drop a CMS content icon into a web page:

  • Select the text or image in the page that you want to add a hyperlink to.

If you do not select any text you can drag the new link straight into the page. This will automatically create the name of the document with the corresponding link already applied to it:

  • locate the content in the Navigator (list of folders and pages in Contensis)
  • drag and drop the required page icon onto your selected text or alternatively straight into a blank area of the page or component such as a quick link.

Linking to a tabbed area

If you want to link to a specific tab on a Contensis page with the cc-TabbedArea component on it, follow these instructions.

Note: this is not recommended as we cannot automatically manage URL links if a page moves/is deleted or archived. Try to make links reference the page the tabs are on rather than a specific tab. Alternatively, place core content in the first tab:

  • on the live website, right click on the tab heading that you wish to link to
  • click copy link address, copy shortcut or your browser's equivalent option
  • create a link as above, selecting URL instead of CMS content
  • paste the copied link as the URL path
  • complete the link as above.

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