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Tables - How do I add a table?

Tables - How do I add a table?

You can use tables for tabular data, but not specifically for text layout.

Using tables for the purpose of layout makes it difficult for people who are accessing the page with a screen reader.  Alternatively you can use style sheets to control layout and presentation rather than tables.

To add a table to your web page: 

  • select an insertion point in your page
  • click on the  Insert Table icon on the Editor tool bar: 

Screen shot of table button

The Table Editor screen opens:

 Table Editor Dialogue Box 2016

As the layout of tables makes it difficult for people who are accessing the page with a screen reader you must complete the following Accessibility fields:

  • type in a Caption
  • click on the Save button.



The table will initially appear at the insertion point on your page, with dotted lines for borders.


You can now click on the edge of your table to show the drag ears, then drag your table to the required dimensions.


You can then enter some text into the cells.

You will notice that the table cells will expand as you type into them, this is because the cell widths have not yet been set.


To see how the table will look on the published web page:

  • click on the Save tab
  • click on the Preview tab.

To further edit your table layout:  tableEditorButton

  • click on the Table Properties icon on the Editor toolbar

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