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Drives - what's available on the open-access PCs?

Drives - what's available on the open-access PCs?

There are a number of drives that are accessible on all the Open Access PCs.  See below for explanations.

With the exception of the (T:) drive and (C:) drive you can map to these drives from your own computer/laptop. Instructions are available for Windows and Mac.

(Y:) Drive
[HOME (\\MYDATA) (Y:)]  This is a backed-upsecure file storage area that has been allocated to you. You are strongly encouraged to save all work to this location.

(W:) Drive
[home_pages (\\myweb) (W:)] This is where you can save all files that you want to be accessed via the internet.

(T:) Drive
[ThawSpace0 (T:)] This is a small disk area that is available for emergency use only, for example, when a file will not save to your (Y:) drive. Any file saved to this drive is not secure and is only available on the PC on which it was saved. 

(R:) Drive
[pcLabs (\\ourdata\teaching) (R:)] This disk drive is used to hold a range of course-related files, including course work files for a number of academic and IT Department courses.

(C:) Drive
[Local Disk (C:)] The hard drive within the PC. On Open Access PCs you must never save to this drive as it will be deleted at the end of your session.


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