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Eduroam wireless network - how do I use this?

Eduroam wireless network - how do I use this?





Eduroam is a wireless network service offered at Royal Holloway and participating universities across the UK, Europe, and the world.




What is Eduroam for?




  • Eduroam allows visitors from participating institutions to connect to wireless internet on the Royal Holloway campus.
  • Eduroam allows Royal Holloway students and staff to connect to wireless internet at participating institutions.
  • Royal Holloway students and staff on campus should connect to CampusNet instead, so that they can access key college services.




Eduroam is available in all campus locations that CampusNet is offered, including Bedford Square.




How do I use the service?




Royal Holloway students and staff should log into Eduroam with a username in the style zyxw321@rhul.ac.uk where zyxw321 is replaced with your college username.  It is not your email address.  Visitors from other institutions will typically log into Eduroam with a userid@university.domain username - check with your home institution.  To connect to Eduroam, follow one of the guides below:




Mac OSX Eduroam setup guide
Windows 7 Eduroam setup guide
Linux Eduroam setup guide
BlackBerry Eduroam setup guide 
Mobile (PDAs etc.) Eduroam setup guide




Visitors to Royal Holloway with devices already set up for Eduroam may need to adjust their configuration to use WPA Enterprise (sometimes just called WPA) as the security protocol and TKIP as the encryption protocol.  Eduroam uses 802.1x authentication technology. 




Where do I get support?




All Eduroam users on the Royal Holloway campus can contact IT support. Visitors from other institutions should note that Eduroam on a specific device should have been created and tested at the home institution first, otherwise we may not be able to assist effectively.  Royal Holloway students and staff visiting participating institutions should also be aware that Eduroam sites may refuse to diagnose issues with Eduroam on a device if it hasn't been tested at Royal Holloway.




Useful links




Eduroam.org - Official Eduroam site
UK Eduroam locations
Eduroam Companion (mobile Eduroam map for iOS devices)
Eduroam FAQs


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