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Can I print to the rhulprint queues using Linux?

Can I print to the rhulprint queues using Linux?

Yes, this should work for most Linux computers:

  1. Ensure that you have CUPS and Foomatic print drivers installed and that CUPS is running.
  2. Connect to CampusNet or the VPN, and make sure you can view e.g. moodle.rhul.ac.uk.
  3. Open a web browser and visit http://localhost:631 which is the CUPS interface.  Click on the Administration tab. It may require authentication: this is the username and password of the local Linux user, not college credentials.
  4. Add printer, select "LPD/LPR host or printer" and press next. 
  5. For the RHUL Black&White queue: In the address box, type: lpd://zyxw321@rhulprint/B+W with zyxw321 changed to your username
  6. For the RHUL Colour queue In the address box, type: lpd://zyxw321@rhulprint/Colour 
  7. Press Next.
  8. Add a name: RHUL-Colour or RHUL-BW as appropriate. Do not share printer. Press next. 
  9. As printer make, choose Generic
  10. As model, choose the first instance of  Generic PostScript type of printer, preferably one that is listed as Foomatic
    For example: Generic PostScript Level 1 Printer Foomatic/PostScript1 (recommended) (en)
  11. Click on Add Printer.  You will then be asked to set some Default options.  Set Double Sided printing to Long edge then click on Set Defaults.  

    If you would like any further help with your printing setup please visit the Laptop and Mobile Device Support team in Room 2-01, Bedford Library.


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