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How can I back up my Contacts folders in Outlook

How can I back up my Contacts folders in Outlook

The Contacts folder can be backed up by creating a pst file

For Outlook 2007, to create a pst file as a back up of the Contacts folder use the procedure described below. 

( This procedure can also be used to make a complete back up of all of your email, however, this is only likely to be done when leaving the organisation)

1.  Click on File and choose Imports and Exports from the menu.

2.   Choose to Export to a file 















3.Choose Personal Folder File ( .pst) and select the mailbox contents that you wish to export to your backup file.















4. click on Next

5. Save the exported file as:   - either browse to an appropriate location or use default offering, with the file name altered accordingly.                                


In this example the default file name has been changed from \backup.pst to \contact_backup.pst.  

To avoid the risk of losing data check the "allow duplicate items to be created" item.   Then click on Finish.

6. In the next window name the file, for example over write the default title  "Personal Folders" with a relevant title - e.g. "Contacts Backup Oct 2011", as       shown.   (There is also an option to set a password for this file)

To view the saved Contacts Backup folder do the following: 

1.   From the File menu ( top left) choose Data File Management, then Add an Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)  ( or choose File - Open- Outlook Data File and select the appropriate file)

2.  Click OK and select the file ( in this example contacts_backup.pst).  OK.

3.  Check the details and click OK.  It now appears in the Data Files list.  Close this window.

4.  Click on the Contacts folder ( bottom left of screen) to access the saved Contact list.


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