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Office 365 Email - How do I publish a shared calendar to view it on an iPad/iPhone?

Office 365 Email - How do I publish a shared calendar to view it on an iPad/iPhone?

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Office 365 offers some very powerful and simple ways to use calendars that are shared between staff members. As well as viewing shared calendars on Outlook 2010 and webmail, you can subscribe to a calendar using an iPad or iPhone (as well as Google Calendar and many others). If you're looking to share your own personal calendar, please follow these instructions.

Please note: during the upgrade to Office 365, you may find you need to re-share your calendar with some members of staff. This is to be expected and will occur when one person is on Office 365 and the other is not. This will only last until everyone is upgraded.

Publishing the shared calendar

IMPORTANT: The calendar needs to be published before it can be subscribed to. The process detailed below generates a link; opening that link on an iPad or iPhone subscribes you to that calendar.

If you do not have full permissions to the calendar in question, please ask someone who does (e.g. a departmental administrator) to do this.

Log in to webmail at mail.rhul.ac.uk with your normal college username and password

In the top-right-hand corner of the window, you'll see your alias ('surname, full name') - clicking on it gives you the option to Open Other Mailbox.


Type in the full address of the shared mailbox whose calendar you wish to share and click Open.


You'll now be in the shared mailbox - select Calendar


In the main window, select Share, then Publish This Calendar to Internet...


Choose your settings and click Start Publishing.


At this point, two links will appear - the top one is the Link for subscribing to this calendar - copy it somewhere safe and hit Save.


Send the link to anyone who needs access to the shared calendar - opening that link on their devices will automatically subscribe them to the calendar



For comprehensive help and troubleshooting of Office 365 visit Microsoft's Outlook help by clicking here


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