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WebDav - What is it? - and can I use it at Royal Holloway?

WebDav - What is it? - and can I use it at Royal Holloway?

Yes, WebDAV (short for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a protocol that will allow you to access your shared drives at Royal Holloway (such as the Y Drive) on your home computer or other device without being connected to the RHUL VPN.
This will allow you to drag and drop, copy and paste, open, move and delete files within your storage space as if they were located on your own personal computer.

Some devices, such as the iPad, will require you to download an app to use WebDav. Also when used via a web browser, file access is read only.

You can select the appropriate information from the list below:

Internet file access on Android

Internet file access on iPad/iPhone

Internet file access on Apple Mac OSX

Internet file access on Windows

Note: You should not use WebDAV with a VPN, the latter is not needed and will result in much poorer performance.


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