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Physical access to buildings

There are a number of computer labs across the campus which provide a varied range of PCs, with a range of accessibility.

For wheelchair users the Computer Centre has PC labs available on the ground floor (PC Labs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6).

It should be noted, however, that the ladies' toilets are located on the first floor.

Special requirements for taking exams

The IT Department can provide special facilities for students taking exams. In the first instance the student should contact the Disabled and Dyslexia Services with details of their requirements.


It is strongly recommended that carers attend the IT Department's standard Induction Training, which is provided at the start of term, along with the student they will be supporting. This provides information specific to the computing environment at the College.

Training on standard computer software is also available. Please see the IT training site.

For information about specialist software training please contact the Disabled and Dyslexia Services.

Software availability

For people with sight impairment we can offer software and support in the Library.

People with dyslexia may wish to use Inspiration – the mind mapping programme. If you think you may be dyslexic the Disabled and Dyslexia Services has available screening software called QuickScan which is used to identify your learning style and picks up potential signs of dyslexia. When these should be further investigated, the Educational Support Office will arrange a referral for a full Specific Learning Difficulties diagnostic test.

Also many standard applications, e.g. Microsoft Office, have a built-in facility allowing you to increase the size of font, or magnification on screen.

It is possible to arrange printing to non-standard paper via special printers. For example a different coloured printing paper may provide a better contrast for certain visually impaired users. Click here for more information about college printers.

Hardware availability

As well as the standard PCs that are available in all the PC labs we also have PCs available in the Library for disabled students. Please email for further information.

Assistance with your own PC

The Disabled and Dyslexia Services is the first point of contact, who can provide the following further assistance for disabled PC users:

  • purchase of (student price) Microsoft Office and installation onto PC
  • installation of standard college software (e.g. Command-AV, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Winzip etc.)
  • alter settings for maximum visibility
  • help with hardware set up

Buying a PC to suit your individual needs

Initially please address your concerns or email your specific requirement to the Disabled and Dyslexia Services. They will be able to advise you regarding financial assistance and liaise with the IT Department regarding your specific requirements.

For further information please visit the purchasing web pages.


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Getting help

Log a call - IT Service Desk:

W: IT Service Desk

E: ITServiceDesk@rhul.ac.uk

T: (01784 41) 4321

Laptop Support and Mobile Device Clinic

IT support helpdesk,
Davison Building,
Library ground floor

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