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Breaches - What is the full list of breaches of the parking conditions?


All users of College roads are required to comply with the provisions of the Highway Code and with the College’s Traffic and Car Parking Policy. A penalty charge notice may be issued for the follow breaches:

  • Failure to display a valid permit or register a vehicle
  • Parking on pavements, pedestrian crossings and in the marked zigzag areas
  • Parked outside of marked parking bays
  • Parked on double yellow lines
  • Parked on double red lines
  • Expired College parking permit
  • Parked causing an obstruction/danger
  • Not parking in a designated space
  • Parked in a disabled bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge or College issued disability parking permit
  • Invalid permit for vehicle registration number
  • Incorrect permit for car park
  • Invalid registration visit
  • Entering and/or parking on any college site in breach of a Campus Restriction Order.