Parking FAQs


Appeals – How do I appeal my Parking Charge Notice (PCN)?

Blue Badge - I am a Blue Badge holder - do I need a permit?

Breaches - What is the full list of breaches of the parking conditions?

Campus permit - Can I apply for a permit if I live on campus?

Charging - Is this just a precursor to charging for parking?

Coaches and Mini Buses- How do I register a coach or mini bus for an event?

Contractors - how do I (as the Host) register contractors?

Different types - What are the different types of parking permits?

Do I need to apply for a permit every year and when?

Guaranteed parking space - Does my parking permit guarantee me a parking space?

Hire car - I am currently using a hire car - do I need to register for a permit?

How to apply - This is the first time I'm applying for a parking permit - how do I apply?

Hub - how do I register guests to park at The Hub?

Lose - What should I do if I lose my permit?

Monitoring - How will parking be monitored?

Motorbike - I ride a motorbike - do I need a permit?

New car - I have bought a new car - do I need a new permit?

Next - What happens after I have applied for a permit?

No spaces - What if I can't find anywhere to park?

Park incorrectly - What happens if I park incorrectly?

Parking Charge Notice (PCN) - What is a parking charge notice?


Parking Charge Notice- What do I do if I receive one?

Reapply - I already have a parking permit - do I need to reapply?

Refuse - What happens if I refuse to pay the parking charge notice?

Registering visitors - What is the process for registering visitors?

Renew permit - How do I renew my parking permit?

Residential student visitors - how do I register residential student visitors?

Restrictions - What are the current parking restrictions on campus?

Sports Centre - Can I park at the sports centre?

Temporary staff - how do I register temporary staff?

Two vehicles - I have two vehicles - can I register them both?

Valid - How long are permits valid for?

Visitors - What are the arrangements for events with large numbers of visitors?

Warning notice - What is a warning notice?

When - When should I apply for a parking permit?

Where - where can I park?