Visitors (including parents) and hosts

The university prides itself on welcoming visitors to our campus. However, due to limited parking spaces, it is vital for the safety and convenience of everyone, to control all vehicle movements and park in a sensible manner.

What should I do if I’m visiting for a meeting or to see someone for a few hours?

Visitors who need to park on campus will need to be registered by their university host. 

Your host will need your vehicle registration number and the amount of time you're likely to spend on campus.

What should I do if I'm hosting a visitor?

If you are a host who would like to register a visitor please use our visitor and contractor vehicle registration system.

What if I’m visiting for a university event?

If you are visiting to attend a university event, such as public lectures, concerts, open days, visit days, conferences etc. the event will be advertised with specific parking instructions informing you where to park and that there is no need to register your vehicle. Please clarify with your host. 


Can I drive onto campus to drop off a delivery or friend / family member? 

Yes, automatic permit enforcement will not apply for quick deliveries, dropping off or picking up activities.

The university’s Traffic and Car Parking Policy will be enforced for the following: 

  • parking without a permit or being registered by your host
  • parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid blue badge or College issued temporary disability permit 
  • parking on pedestrian crossings and in the marked zig zag areas  
  • parking outside of marked parking bays 
  • parking on double yellow lines 
  • parking on double red lines 
  • parking causing an obstruction/danger 
  • not parking in a designated space
  • entering and/or parking on any College site in breach of a Campus Restriction Order.

Parents and friends

Visitors to residential students, such as parents or friends outside the university, who wish to park can be registered by a resident student at any of the Hall receptions (Founder’s West, Hub, George Elliot and Kingswood Halls) or after 10pm via the Security Control Centre in Founder’s East.

If you haven’t found the information you need in our faqs and would like some help please email the Parking Admin team

Visitors can also be registered at the Visitors Information Centre (Founder's East).

Hub guest house visitors

Guests staying at The Hub accommodation must register their vehicle via The Hub Reception Desk.