Taxi to work

Normal rates from Royal Holloway to Egham should be £5-6 There is a taxi rank near the main car park at Egham railway station.

The vast majority of taxis are safe, but you may want to take a few precautions, especially if you're travelling alone. For example, have your money ready before you reach your destination, get out of the cab and then pay the driver. When booking a cab you can also ask what sort of car will be collecting you. 

For journeys out of Egham, it is advisable to agree a price with the cab firm before you depart and share your journey with a friend if possible. 

Normal rates from Royal Holloway to Egham should be £5-6 and from Royal Holloway to Heathrow should be £18-22 depending on which terminal you require. advertise local taxi companies for Egham. Please follow safe travel guidance when booking. 

The Transport for London website provides some excellent advice on how to get around London via taxi or minicab. Please take a look and read any relevant information before you travel.