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Your Favourite Things

We have recently held tours of the Emily Wilding Davison Building for colleagues across the College.

Take a look at what you discovered on these tours and what your favourite things about the building are.

There isn't one favourite part of the building - everywhere is amazing. There will be great spaces to study and it will massively improve resources.

Dawn Fowle

communications & External Relations

My favourite things are the views of the meadow and Founder's from the large glass windows. The building as a whole integrates marvellously with the campus.

Christian Robinson

Strategic Planning

My favourite things are the large windows with spectacular views of Founder's. it really brings the space to life.

Poppy Fox

Student Services

All of it was my favourite! I was quite taken by the size, it doesn't look so big from the outside.

Anne Lang

School of Management

My favourite things are the roof garden and some of the open height spaces with sky.

Justin O'Brien

School of Management

My favourite things are the atrium and the first floor view of Founders from the glass fronted space.

Sarah Sanders

Politics and International Relations