How do I install Panopto on my computer?


RePlay is the lecture-recording service at Royal Holloway, powered by Panopto. You can use the application to record, upload and edit your videos.

Managed devices such as your office PC or laptop will automatically install the current version of the Panopto software N.B. if you work predominantly from home you will need to be on the VPN for the update to work.

If for any reason your device does not automatically update, you can find the package in the Software Center (type – “software center” into the search tool in the task bar).

Panopto is available for personal computers (Windows and Mac) via the RePlay portal. Login using the Moodle option and your college credentials.

Information for Windows users

Information for Mac users

Find out more about RePlay and Panopto by visiting the e-Learning pages of the intranet.

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