How do I trigger MFA to login to the VPN?


You will be familiar with using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get a digital connection to campus, even when working remotely. We are now introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA), which adds a simple, additional step to the sign in process.

1.    Triggering MFA when logging into the VPN

  • You will be able to access our VPN, GlobalProtect, in the bottom right hand bar of your laptop screen.
  • Click the grey globe icon:


  • Click the blue ‘connect’ bar:


  • You will be prompted to input your normal staff password. Add this and click ‘sign in’.

2.       Check your phone to approve sign in

  • The notification method selected will trigger a notification to appear on your phone, making it easy to approve. Once you’ve signed in as above, make sure you have your phone to hand to check for a notification.
  • The notification will say ‘approve sign in’. Click this, and it will ask you to confirm approval.
  • You will be asked to enter your phone pin or fingerprint to give final confirmation.
  • You will then be connected to the VPN on your laptop:

Please note: the only methods of MFA that are compatible with the VPN are a push notification via an authentication app or a phone call. If your default method is different to this, you will need to change it

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