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RH Enquire

The enquiry management system, RH Enquire, is used across college for a variety of services, including IT, Library, Careers & Employability, Student Fees and Student Services.

Welcome to the enquiry management system (EMS) for Royal Holloway services.

This is the main web link for the system:


EMS for Customers

...Logging and tracking your own calls


Information and Useful Links for Customers

Logging a Call

To log a call you can go to the general EMS link and select the type of enquiry you would like to make.

ems- select IT request

Students and Staff

Alternatively if you click on the link on the IT Services page this will lead you to the appropriate place for making an IT request or or logging an issue.


There are other helpful direct links into the system.  For example if you wish to register visitor parking go to Campus Life and choose from the menu:  Register a Visitor's car for parking. 

This will direct you to a sign in screen and when you have signed in it will take you straight to the form that you need to use.  Read the Form Description and continue.


EMS for Agents

...Logging calls and administering all calls in a service area, with ability to view and move to other areas.


Information and Training for Agents


We have some useful resourses to assist you with using the enquiry management system as an agent.  print out a copy of this useful quick reference guide, which will answer most of your questions at a glance:

EMS Quick Reference Guide 

Agents often need to log calls in which they are the Customer.  THis guide shows you how to set up a very useful view on your system:

EMS View my Customer Calls