The Royal Holloway VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides you with a digital connection to campus, even if you’re not here. It works by routing your network traffic through the campus, giving you a Royal Holloway network address. When you’re using the VPN your computer will behave exactly like it would if you were on campus, and this allows you quick access to restricted services, like library services and your Y: drive.

At Royal Holloway you can either use the VPN though Internet Explorer, or by using a client called GlobalProtect.

We are moving away from F5 access, though you will still need to use it if you're on a mobile device or Linux.

To use F5 Access, download the right version for your operating system from the options below, and add the server* You will need to log in using your College username and password. Some systems may require you to put "cc\" before your username to log in (e.g. cc\abcd123).

*Please note: if you are using an iOS based device, please use the server


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Find out more about F5 Access for Android.



Find out more about F5 Access for iOS



Download F5 Access for Linux.