Jan 24 2020

What will happen when the UK leaves the EU at the end of the month?

Up until 31 December 2020: Horizon 2020

Until the end of the year there will be a period of transition. Researchers in the UK can still apply to Horizon 2020. If successful, they will be funded, either through the UK’s association with the Horizon programme, or through the UK government’s underwrite.  Colleagues who wish to apply should contact Research Services in the normal way.
After 31 December 2020: Horizon Europe

There is still a degree of uncertainty. Although funders, universities and individual researchers are pushing for the UK to be part of the next round of Horizon Funding (Horizon Europe) nothing has yet been decided

If the UK does continue to be part of Horizon Europe, it will either be:

  • An Associated Country: This is the preferred option. It gives researchers a similar status to those from EU member states, and they can participate under the same conditions. Like Israel and Norway, there will be particular requirements for them to do so (the so called ‘Article 12: conditions for association’), and these would need to be negotiated. It may be the case that, even if the UK was allowed to be an associated country, these conditions wouldn’t be acceptable to it, and it would choose not to. 
  • A Third Country: This is more limited. If it was a Third Country it would not be able to access ERC or Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programmes, or lead on projects unless specified otherwise in an individual call. 

What are the alternatives?

The UK government are considering alternative ways to fund international research should we no longer be part of the EU framework programme.  BEIS commissioned the Smith-Reid review last year.  The report – Changes and Choices is now available here.

Where can I find official resources?

  • The UK government provides information about UK participation in Horizon 2020 in a dedicated ‘Horizon 2020 funding after Brexit’ fact pack.
  • UKRI announcement on assessing proposals submitted before EU exit to the mono-beneficiary schemes, if the European Commission stops evaluating them.
  • UKRI maintains a dedicated EU Exit website with details of the government’s Guarantee.
  • Following Article 50 negotiations in October, an updated Withdrawal Agreement was published on 19 October 2019 (Articles 137 and 138 refer to EU programmes).
  • UKRO provides up to date news and information about EU funding

Visit our Horizon 2020 funding after Brexit webpage

If you have any further questions please email researchservicesrhul.ac.uk

UKRO will be visiting Royal Holloway on Wednesday 18 March 2020.  R&I staff are currently working on the programme with UKRO and academic colleagues.  All staff will be invited to attend