Oct 17 2017

Online Seminar: Improve Your Health With Ergonomics and Frequent Movement

Adding more activity to your day can boost your energy, reduce your risk of heart attacks and cancer, and improve your mood. Either at home or at work, there are simple steps you can take to add more activity throughout the day, like regular walk breaks, standing while taking phone calls, or exercising during commercials. Your Employee Assistance Programme can help with ideas so you can have an energy boost. 

Sedentary behavior is the fourth leading risk factor of death for people all over the world. Learn to incorporate frequent desk exercises and movement into your day.  Additionally, learn proper ergonomic tips to help ease job stress and reduce chronic injury.


REGISTER FREE TODAY AT: www.workplaceoptions.com

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On the home page, go to Online Seminars, select this seminar and follow the registration instructions.

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