Feb 12 2019

On Track: Introduction to using social media for work as an individual 

What is it?

 This session aims to give an overview of the main social media channels available and help you decide which would be suitable to promote your professional profile and how best to go about it

Target audience

Open to all academic staff wishing to promote their professional profile on social media

Programme objectives

By the end of the course you will:

  • Be able to identify your communication aims and target audience
  • Know the key features of the main social media platforms available
  • Be able to select the most suitable social media platform for your purposes
  • Know the core principals of social media communication
  • Know the basic steps to set up and run a Twitter or LinkedIn profile
  • Know about other resources relevant to using social media

Programme components

  • Digital Communications Team: what we do
  • What this session does and doesn’t focus on
  • Is social media right for you?
  • What are your communications aims and who is your audience?
  • Which channel is best for you?
  • Overview of main channels
  • Social  media principles
  • Twitter:
    • Setting up a profile
    • Follow accounts
    • Engage with other accounts
    • Hashtags
    • Composing a post
    • Twitter Analytics
    • Social media dashboards
  • LinkedIn:
    • Setting up a profile
    • Connections
    • Joining groups
    • Free and premium accounts
    • Composing a post
  • Official Royal Holloway accounts
  • Scheduling
  • Trends to look out for
  • Royal Holloway’s Social Media Policy

Please contact orgdevroyalholloway.ac.uk if you would like to attend this event

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