May 24 2019

What is it?

Through a mixture of discussion, feedback, group exercises and skills practice, this one day workshop will equip you with the skills and behaviours to develop and lead a high performing team.

Target audience

Managers and aspiring managers interested in developing their ability to build and lead a high performing team.

Programmme objectives

  • Understand the vital and positive role of a manager in building and influencing team performance and development
  • Understand your own style and preferences and how this impacts on your management approach and interaction with your team
  • Understand the stages of a team’s development and the dynamics that impact on them
  • Know how to create self-directed and high performing teams
  • Effectively manage teams with individuals from different cultures, roles and perspectives

Programmme components

  • How this workshop aligns to the Royal Holloway Leadership Behaviours Framework
  • Action Centred: balancing the needs of the task, individual and team
  • Situational Leadership: understand when and how to flex your approach to suit different situations and needs
  • Using a team capability map to assess your team’s stage of development
  • Creating a team environment which values and promotes inclusivity and diversity
  • Managing workloads

Course length

Full-day course.

Please contact if you would like to attend this event

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