Nov 07 2019

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Target audience

This is for any member of staff who would like to build their confidence, learn about being more assertive, and consider the impact they can have on the world around them.

Programme objectives

  • Define confidence and assertiveness.
  • Understand the impact of thoughts, emotions and emotional intelligence.
  • Act confidently and assertively.
  • Create a better first impression.
  • Get attention and build rapport.
  • Use techniques to overcome nervousness.
  • Learn how to model behaviour to increase impact.
  • Use breathing as a tool for power, and confidence.
  • Understand how nerves are created, how to manage them and how to benefit from them.

Programme components

The purpose of this workshop is to assist individuals on their self-confidence and levels of assertiveness. The workshop will explore what confidence looks and feels like. There will be some practical activities which will develop techniques in looking confident, building rapport with ease, reading others and mirroring behaviours, and modelling techniques to grow confidence.

To establish more confidence, we will consider different types of behaviour, focussing on being more assertive, what this looks and feels like.

The workshop will spend time considering how to manage nerves, using breathing techniques and modelling techniques. Understanding what causes your nerves can help you to manage them.

As Sir Lawrence Olivier once said, ‘knowing you have butterflies is the first step in getting them to fly in formation.’

Nerves are a great source of strength once you know how to manage them.

Course length

Full-day course.

Please contact if you would like to attend this event

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