Nov 12 2019

Communicating and Engaging with People


Target Audience

This workshop will provide an insight into working with different people by understanding what motivates them and using communication effectively to engage with them. It is open to anyone wishing to improve their own personal levels of communication and improve interaction.


Programme Objectives

  • What motivates different people and what gets them to take action.
  • Understand what motivates you (the delegate) and how this might differ from those around you.
  • How to engage people – in normal circumstances and even when the relationship is difficult.
  • Increase personal influence through more effective communication skills.
  • Active listening – how to listen, playback and get more from your conversations.
  • Recognising your own preferred thinking patterns and how they differ from others.
  • Using language flexibly to communicate and influence others.
  • Appreciating what others are telling you, even when they are not talking to you.
  • Managing difficult conversations.
  • Consider the value of effective communication in a changing culture and environment.
  • Improving communication with the wider audience at Royal Holloway.

Please contact if you would like to attend this event

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