Oct 14 2022

Speaking the truth to power

Target audience

This workshop will develop skills to enable individuals to create and present feedback to colleagues, including leaders, in a balanced, constructive and influential way.

Programme objectives

  • See the wider context, and see things from the perspective of the leader.
  • Be able to introduce upward feedback in a positively intended way.
  • Be solution focussed in how the feedback is presented.
  • Create rational information which reflects truth and reality.
  • Know the difference between emotionally led content and factual information, to gain effective results.
  • To create confidence within the individual to offer feedback.

Programme components

This workshop will enable delegates to explore how to create ways in which to feedback information to leaders, managers or colleagues in an effective and influential way.

Using Plain English, succinct language and methods to leave impact can improve the way we influence others. There are many times when delegates need to provide feedback for others, including leaders and managers. There are a range of ways to do this which can create influence, have impact and get great results.

The process of doing this begins with gathering information, identifying the key points, exploring the outcomes desired (if any) and focussing on the essential areas to present.

The workshop will introduce and explore some models for feeding back information, how to prepare and plan giving feedback, making it objective, focussed and specific and how to deliver it with confidence.

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