Oct 20 2022

The Advance Prog: Professional and Career Development Planning (for Academic and Research Staff)  

What is it?

For many early career researchers, the focus has traditionally been purely to ‘write a thesis and then some papers’ with little thought to how that might lead on to the next step or even what that next step might be.   Increasingly, however, this tactic is not hugely robust.  As researchers we need to be far more proactive about planning our own journeys and positioning ourselves accordingly.  This is not, for some, easy or natural.

So, when it comes to a longer-term career plan, how and where do you even start?

In this focused webinar, tailored to research and led by a former academic, we will focus on the different elements of career planning and help you to identify the steps you need to take and the aspects that will help you to take control of your career.

Workshop objectives

During the workshop we will help you to:

  • design a career planning process that works for you, your personal style and professional goals
  • identify the types of activities that will help to build your career and profile – regardless of whether you want an academic career or not
  • start to develop an action plan of what you personally may need to focus on and take ownership of

Target Audience

Research staff, ECRs, Junior academics

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