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Introduction to project management

What is it?

Many of us are project managers but just don’t know it yet. We plan holidays, major life events and increasingly our work in the office is becoming more ‘project’ driven. However, deep down we know that we could achieve more by being just a bit more structured in our approach to work.

‘Introduction to Project Management’ is a two-day course which is designed to help individuals maximise their personal impact in the workplace by exposing them to the most accessible and valuable parts of the project management tool kit. This is a hands-on workshop using a blend of teaching, action learning and group work.

Participants will embed learning by applying the methodologies with skill to live projects.

Target audience

The course is for non-project managers wanting to optimise their personal effectiveness in the workplace.

Programme objectives

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how to set up projects for success
  • Apply methodology for scoping project work
  • Work with teams to create a joint project plan
  • Describe how to track and report on project progress
  • Create project risk and issues actively manage these
  • Apply structured problem solving methodology to tackle significant project issues
  • Describe what makes for high performing team and the principles of team motivation

Course length

2 full-day course.

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