Feb 28 2020

The College staff diversity networks have come together to collaborate on The Inclusivity Pathway Training: an engaging workshop that addresses the foundational skills necessary to successfully engage any type of inclusivity activity.  

The Inclusivity Pathway Training is based on a few core principles:

  • At the core of an inclusive environment where all people are treated as valid lies the connection with the story of the other
  • Our current (educational) institutions have mechanisms in place that prevent the connection with the story of the other, unless that story is representative of the dominant group
  • We are ill-equipped and anxious to engage the story of the other
  • Engaging diversity and inclusion requires dealing with “all” of us, and not just focusing on “some” of us.

Participants will go through a range of activities based on a set of skill set themes.  Some of these themes include: safe/brave space; listening, connecting with the story of the other, self care, and being an ally.  The goal of the sessions is to help people in their confidence and abilities to address diversity related situations whether they be one on one, in a group, on the work floor, or in the classroom.  

The workshop will be delivered on the Friday 28 of February in two parts with a lunch break in the middle:

11.00-12.30 Arts SO21

12.30-13.30 Moore Annexe Glass Corridor

13.30-15.00 Moore Annexe 034a 

Please email equalityrhul.ac.uk if you would like to attend the event. Also please inform us of any dietary and access requirements.

 Dr Aminata Cairo leads the Inclusive Education research group at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. In her daily work she is responsible for assisting the institution to create a climate where everybody is welcome and performs to the best of their abilities. Born in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents, she obtained a PhD in medical anthropology from the University of Kentucky. She won the Martin Luther King Jr Humanitarian Award for her work promoting inclusion among students

This is a joint event by the Cultural Diversity Network, The Staff Disability Forum, The LGBT+ Staff Network and the Royal Holloway Women’s Network (RoWaN).


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