Oct 26 2021

A panel discussion to address the question: 'What needs to happen at COP26 for it to be a success?'

A discussion on what needs to happen at COP26 in Glasgow to mitigate the imminent ecological catastrophe of climate change.


The Panel:

Kate Roberts, Panel Chair

Former Royal Holloway Student Union President and Physical Geography student, and environmental activist

Interests: biodiversity loss, biogeographical implications of climate change, intersectionality of the climate crisis


Professor Klaus Dodds, Panelist

Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway and Director of Research for the School of Life Sciences and Environment and Director of the Living Sustainably research catalyst.

Interests: the governance of the polar regions and the geopolitics of climate change alongside ocean conservation and the cryosphere.


Dr. Jennifer Cole, Panelist

Lecturer in Global and Planetary Health at Royal Holloway.

Interests: human influence on and adaptation to changing environmental conditions, resilience to natural hazards.


Dr. Liam F. Beiser-McGrath, Panelist

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Politics and Director of the Politics of the Environment and Climate Change at Royal Holloway

Interests: public opinion and the political economy of climate change

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