Apr 11 2019

The LGBT Staff Network alongside the Students' Union (SU) organised an event to discuss LGBT+ careers on 25 March 2019. Three guests shared their experiences from different professional sectors: Dr Amy Tooth Murphy, Lecturer in Oral History, provided a perspective from academia; Jenny Jean-Paul, Young Person’s Mental Health Advocate at Stonewall Housing, talked about her experience in the charity sector; and Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica, provided insight into corporate environments. They were all an inspiration to hear from.

The event was successfully chaired by Willow Wong, the SU’s Vice President Welfare and Diversity, with her insightful questions and contributions to the discussions.

The debate covered topics such as, what it is like to be out as a LGBTQ+ person at work and what types of challenges and opportunities does the work market present to those who are open about their sexual orientation or gender identity?

The event was open to anyone interested in the topic, with a particular focus on students and other young people who would like to understand how sexual identity may intersect with a professional identity. Several students took part and participated in the Q&A. The discussion was followed by a wine reception.

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