Aug 16 2019

Founder's Building HV Maintenance

From Saturday 24 August until Monday 26 August there will be temporary power outages across a few buildings on campus.

The power outage dates and times have been confirmed:

Saturday 24 August:

Founder's Building (East) - 8-9.30am

Jane Holloway Hall - 8-9.30am

Windsor Building - 9-10.30am

Founder's Building (West) - 10-11.30am

Sunday 25 August:

Founder's Building (East) - 2.30-4.30pm

Windsor Building - 2.30-4.30pm

Moore Building (older part) - 8-10am

Monday 26 August:

Founder's Building (West) - 8-10am

During the power outage there may be some network disruption as there will not be any power, but will be available again when power is restored.